Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Insight Cost?

Insight was started by a gym owner who was tired of getting scammed by his billing company. Although they would quote a monthly price plus a percentage for billing services, they were actually taking even more by forcing him to use their ridiculously priced merchant account (meaning that they were charging another 4-5% on top of their quoted monthly fee and percentage). It’s one of our core missions to make sure that that business model goes away. We’re doing our part providing abso ... (more)

Can I Use Insight for My Business?

We have many different types of customers other than just gyms. Although the bulk of our customers are gyms, fitness centers, and fitness related businesses we also have the following types of business using Gym Insight: Adventure clubs Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Health organizations Hobbyist organizations Home owners associations Landscaping businesses Makerspaces Medical centers Membership organizations Swimming pool cleaners Swimming pools And the list seems to be g ... (more)

How Do I Add Another User?

Adding additional users is easy with Gym Insight (and not to mention free). We have three different levels of user access to choose from and each level has its own respective permissions: USER – A user level account is for personal trainers and front desk staff. This level of account can only view account information and personal training clients. The user level cannot add or update member account information so it is not sufficient for sales or club management staff. Additionally, if a ... (more)

How Do I Change My Password?

Changing your password frequently is very important for the security of your account. Coincidentally it’s also very easy to do. Start by clicking on the blue user button and then select Your profile from the drop down menu:   Once you’re on your user profile menu, click on the new password button:   Finally, enter your current password in the first text box (1), then enter your new password in the new password and confirm password text boxes (2) and (3): That&rsq ... (more)

How Do I Change My Username?

When you first create your Gym Insight account you are given the option to choose a username. If you don’t choose a username at signup, your username will default to the email address you used when you registered. You can change your username whenever you like which is certainly handy if you get tired of typing in your full email address or if your email address changes; here’s how. Start by clicking on the user button and then selecting Your settings:   Once you’re o ... (more)

How Do I Contact You?

Because we’re a relatively small business and we get a very high number of phone calls we prefer email. Our email address is: That said, sometime you just want to hear a human being and we totally understand that. Our toll free phone number is: (855) FOR-GYMS or 855-367-4967 It should also help to know that once you become an Insight customer not only will you have our email address and toll free number. But you’ll also have the personal cell phone numbe ... (more)

How Do I Create A Punch Card?

A punch card allows you to sell and keep track of a service that you offer. A good example would be classes; if you offered a spin class you could use a punch card to sell 10 sessions (or any arbitrary number of sessions) of the spin class to your customer. Additionally, we also have the ability to create punch cards that have an unlimited number of sessions. A punch card with an unlimited number of sessions would be useful for tracking an add-on service that the customer is paying monthly for, ... (more)

How Do I Delete An Account?

Because deleting an account is potentially very destructive to your business we limit the ability to delete accounts to users who have the OWNER permission at the location where the account resides. To delete an account (you must be an OWNER) first search for and view the account. After you’ve found the account, simply scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the red delete account button:     After you’ve clicked on the delete account button, you will be ... (more)

How Do I Get My Members Into Insight?

All gym software companies have the ability to export your member data in a comma separated value (CSV) format. Typically you will need to put in a formal request with your current software provider letting them know of your intention to get a data export. Because no two companies export your member data in exactly the same format we will subsequently take the data exported by your former company and convert it into our format before finally importing all of your member data. For most of the maj ... (more)

How Do I Track Silver Sneakers Members?

In this video we show you how to set up and track your Silver Sneakers or other insurance reimbursement program members.   (more)

How Do I View My Total Check-ins?

In addition to being able to view individual member check-ins on the member’s account view you can also view the total number of member visits (check-ins) for the month or even for an arbitrary date range. The number of member visits you’re getting each month at your club is an extremely important metric and the basis for many other valuable club metrics. For example, Lifetime Athletic uses the number of daily member check-ins for a metric called Unit Cost Ratio which is simply the t ... (more)

List Your Members

Getting a full list of your members is very easy and it’s done using our report features. Start by clicking on your location button (house icon) then clicking Reports:   Once you’re on the reports screen you’ll notice that all of the reports available are listed in alphabetical order. First click on the Account Reports tab and then simply scroll down and click on the Members report:     With your members report in view you have several options for refini ... (more)

Merchant Accounts 101

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only gym management software provider who is not an ISO (independent sales organization), or in layman’s terms middle man for merchant services. Furthermore, we don’t have any kickback arrangements with ISO’s or merchant service providers. The normal course of business for a gym billing provider is to either be an ISO (broker) or have a working relationship with one or more ISO’s for opening and processing payment card transactions ... (more)