Digital Keytags

Save time and money by providing your members with digital keytags for their mobile devices!

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Digital Keytags from Gym Insight!

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Why Digital Keytags?

Digital Keytags allow your members to access your facility using an app on their mobile phones.

This provides a number of advantages for you and your members, including the ability to access your facility immediately after signup and never needing to replace a lost or damaged keycard or barcode.

Your members have Instant Access after signup!
No more ordering keys!
No more lost or damaged keys!
Unique access code for each member that cannot be shared!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a member screenshot the digital keytag and share it with other people?

No, our digital keytags are constantly changing, preventing them from being copied and shared.

Can digital keytags be used alongside other physical keycard systems, such as RFID or barcode?

Yes, it is possible to run digital keytags side-by-side with one of our other supported access systems.

How much do digital keytags cost?

Digital keytags are billed monthly, at a rate per 100 keytags. The price may vary, but is kept competitive with what you would expect to spend on physical keycards, except these never need to be replaced! For our current loyal customers, please contact us for pricing info and special discounts.

How does a member access the digital keytag?

The keytag is found in the Member's App, which is an app available for your members as part of your Gym Insight plan. Your members are invited to access the app from an email they receive at signup. Besides digital keytags, members can also book classes, manage their reservations, and update their contact/payment info through the Member's App.

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