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In addition to our Software as a Service offerings, Gym Insight is also a physical access control hardware integrator. We offer 24-hour access systems and member access control from the best access hardware manufacturer on the planet - HID. HID invented radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and they are the undisputed leader in the field. We are a certified HID integration partner which means that our software works perfectly with access control hardware. When you use Gym Insight, you don’t need to use another vendor for your access systems.

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We provide the full line of EDGE EVO®, VertX EVO®, VertX®, and EDGE® access controllers from HID. All of our products operate in standalone mode, meaning that your computer does not have to be running for our access systems to work. Even if your computer shuts down due to a virus or a system update, access to your facility will not be impacted. All of our access hardware communicates securely with our access servers and they update in real time so they’re always up to date with your membership base.

Our hardware can be paired with any type of membership card reader that you desire. We can customize our access system so that it can be used with the membership cards you already have no matter how obscure the card type.

Once you become a Gym Insight client, we can provide you with whatever type of membership cards you’re already using or we can recommend a technology that will meet your criteria of price and security. We maintain a strict commitment to beat all competing prices for membership cards purchased directly from us.

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Networked Controller


The EDGE EVO® EH400 is a single-door access control panel featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE). The EH400 makes local door decisions and can interface with one or two Hi-O iCLASS® readers. The panel is roughly the size of an R40 iCLASS reader and is mountable on EU 60mm and US single-gang electrical boxes.

This is our most frequently recommend device and it is perfect for almost all of your facility access control needs. This device is both low cost and extremely resilient. Member access, tanning bed access, locker room access, and just about anything else you can imagine this device can handle.

Additional highlights:

  • Includes an optical tamper and interfaces to Hi-O compliant devices, including Hi-O readers, Hi-O REX, Hi-O Strike and Hi-O Interface Modules.
  • Provides access control processing, host interface and power for a single door, including a separate HI-O iCLASS reader, Hi-O lock and Hi-O request-to-exit device.
  • Interoperable with non-Hi-O door components with separately purchased Hi-O Interface Module.

Enabling cost effective installation and high performance access control functionality, the solution provides a complete and fully functional hardware/firmware infrastructure for IP access control host systems.

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Networked Controller

VertX EVO® V1000

The VertX EVO™ V1000 is a networked access controller with a multi-door access control panel. It reduces the burden on corporate Local Area Networks (LANs) by connecting up to 32 door controllers using only one IP address.

The high performance platform increases door uptime while the master controller minimizes corporate LAN overhead by providing access control decisions for up to 64 readers.

VertX EVO V1000 makes all online door decisions, input monitoring and output control for all connected interface modules, including VertX® V100 (door interface), V200 (input monitor) and V300 (output control).

The V1000 has two on-board inputs and outputs for local input point monitoring and auxiliary output control, and is powered by a local power supply (12 or 24 VDC).

If you’re looking at a very large access control installation with dozens of doors or access control points this is the device we will recommend. Typically this device is excessive in all but the largest of installations.


  • Provides a complete and fully functional hardware/firmware infrastructure for access control software host systems.
  • Enables the replacement of head end software without visiting the access control panel, reducing change out costs.
  • Stores a complete access control and configuration database for up to 32 Reader Interfaces (up to 64 doors) and 250,000 cardholders.
  • Connects to the host and other devices on a TCP/IP network.
  • Receives and processes real-time commands from the host software application.
  • Reports all activity to the host; reports supervised inputs/alarms with 255 priorities.
  • Provides fully functional offline operation when not actively communicating with the host access control software application, performing all access decisions and event logging.
  • Access control system interfaces with combinations of devices with a maximum of 32. Devices are:
        - VertX V100 – Door/Reader interface (up to 2 doors/1 reader or 1 door/2 readers)
        - VertX V200 – Input monitor interface (up to 16 monitor points per device)
        - VertX V300 – Output control interface (up to 12 control relays per device)
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Digital Keytag, RFID, Barcode, and More

Digital Keytags

Save time and money by providing your members with digital keytags for their mobile devices! Digital Keytags allow your members to access your facility using an app on their mobile phones.

This provides a number of advantages for you and your members, including the ability to access your facility immediately after signup and never needing to replace a lost or damaged keycard or barcode.

Learn more about digital keytags

RFID Membership Cards

All of the access controllers we sell support a wide variety of card reader technology. When you order your access controllers, simply specify which type of card reader you would like. Your access controllers can ship with any number of readers and input devices. If you’re not sure which reader to select we are more than happy to make a recommendation for you.

The access controllers can support multiple formats as well. For example, if you have any experience with a popular 24 hour franchise you may have seen key fobs and plastic RFID cards. Both those types of membership cards or fobs as well as traditional RFID cards will work.

Barcode Membership Cards

In addition to the 24 hour access control hardware, you may require a few additional components in order to take full advantage of Insight's features and capabilities. If you would like to use automatic credit card entry or magnetic key card access you will need a USB magnetic card reader. For that we recommend the MagTek Mini USB card reader. We like the small size of the MagTek reader as well as it's small price in comparison to other readers.

Credit Card Reader

In addition to the 24 hour access control hardware, you may require a few additional components in order to take full advantage of Insight's features and capabilities. If you would like to use automatic credit card entry or magnetic key card access you will need a USB magnetic card reader. For that we recommend the MagTek Mini USB card reader. We like the small size of the MagTek reader as well as its small price in comparison to other readers.

Contract Printer

And last but certainly not least, you will need a printer capable of printing legal size paper (8.5" x 14"). We strongly recommend that you get a good quality laser printer. Laser printers are so much faster than ink jet printers and the toner works out to be seriously cheaper than constantly buying ink. The last thing you want when someone is trying to sign up for your fitness center is to have to wait 5 minutes for that inkjet to finish printing (and even then, the page is curled and the ink is wet). If you want our opinion, laser printers from HP simply can't be beat.

Don't worry, it's not difficult!

Installation Services

First off, you only need to consider installation if you're setting up a 24 hour access fitness center without a front desk. If you are running a front desk style gym, the only installation will be plugging a couple devices into the USB port of your computer.

If you are setting up a 24 hour access gym and if you're handy and are so inclined, you can install your own access control system without too much trouble. Although, we do recommend that you hire a locksmith to install the required electronic door latch as it requires a significant amount of skill and effort.

If you aren't interested in installing a 24 hour access control system yourself then you have nothing to worry about. No matter where you are, there is a low voltage specialty company nearby. What's a low voltage specialty company? They are the companies who install alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and home theaters. You will be able to find qualified low voltage installers under any of those advertising sections in your town. For a qualified low voltage installer these access control systems are a breeze.